Oversized Recliners – Comfortable Decision for Tall People

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Oversized Recliners – Comfortable Decision for Tall People

The first factor which can influence your choice is physical dimensions. The cushioning of a chair should be deeper and softer. For instance, the seat cushions of large recliners may be four inches wider than the same cushions of normal sized recliners. Big models also have more spacious backrest. Large reclining armchairs are heavier than standard models. The manufacturers of big recliners take into account the weight features of a user. That’s why oversized chairs are made of heavy duty materials. The components of reclining mechanism and the chair’s construction are very durable.

Important Features

Because of large size of the reclining armchair the measurements of a living area should be also taken into account. The clearance between the wall and the back of a recliner should be at least 15 cm wide. Even zero clearance reclining chairs need a slight space to the wall for correct and full reclining ability.

Before purchasing  recliners a person should sit in it, if it is allowed by the store, and check the convenience of the unit. Sit vertically in the chair and check if your lower back fully rests against the backrest. Your neck and shoulders must be also supported by the back of the armchair. Comfortable sitting is provided by adjustable and soft feet section. Even if you can’t find the perfect oversized reclining chair, you may try a standard model with an extended built-in footrest. It will remove the load from your legs. One more thing that should be considered is the location of a pushing lever. It must be easily reached. You must not lean to push a lever or a button because it will be inconvenient to repeat this action every time. It is also possible to find the reclining armchair without levers and buttons. These may be reclined by pushing the back of the chair.

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Successful Types of Reclining Furniture

Some chairs are sold in larger quantities than other models because they are approved by many owners. Today, it is easy to search for positive or negative feedback of any interesting recliner. For instance, swivel recliners and rock reclining chairs are in great demand.

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Teddy Bear Swivel recliner from Catnapper is an affordable model which costs $550. It can provide its owner with ultimate comfort. The armrests of the chair are richly cushioned. The recliner is upholstered with 100% polyester fabric or 100% cotton camouflage fabric. It has reinforced frame and a very quiet reclining mechanism.

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